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Student Credit Cards

A credit card in college is pretty much a necessary tool when figuring out how to pay for all your important needs like books, food, trips home and, of course, entertainment.

For many individuals, the college years are the time in their lives when they get their first credit card. Learning how to use credit wisely and acquiring the discipline of budgeting and money management is an important growing experience. Owning a credit card brings with it responsibility. It is important to make sure monthly payments are made and the typical pitfall of overspending doesn't happen as these could end up becoming future black marks on your credit history. Our list of the top offers.

Creditors take a risk when issuing a card to someone with no previous credit history. Therefore, they may typically start college students off at a higher interest rate or a lower balance limit. Some issuing banks will even ask parents to cosign applications for their college-aged child.

When applying for your first student credit card make sure to read the fine print, use your available credit wisely, and pay off your monthly balance if you can, or at least make sure you pay the minimum amount due every month. You can set up most accounts to automatically make your monthly payments from your checking account. This is a great method to prevent you from forgetting to make your scheduled payment. Following simple guidelines like these can help make your college experience truly the time of your life.

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College students need to have a credit card for emergencies, pay for books and transportation back and forth from campus to home.

Plus, careful use of a card can help students start to build their financial history.